We started TribalSquare to provide a platform to trade on African goods and services. As Africans living in the U.S, it was rather challenging to have access to goods and services in the U.S. which were readily available back in home. As such, we created TribalSquare to fill this void.

Our mission is to provide an e-commerce platform which will help bolster the presence of African entrepreneurs on the web.

This platform will act as an avenue for sellers and marketers of African good and services to connect/meet with potential clients. An online marketplace for Africans. Our own one stop shop.

We want entrepreneurs to focus on what you do best, selling and providing service.  We will do the marketing for you, and do our best to find customers to patronize your business.

We want buyers and users of African goods and services to cease spending time and energy scouring the internet for deals and discounts on African items. We will do the negotiation for you.

TribalSquare is not just an online store, but we are a community, an avenue to indulge in and source African goods and services.