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My Talking Igbo Book is the first of its kind – a fantastic resource for learning the Igbo language with Audio!

My Talking Igbo Book is filled with eye-catching and colorful illustrations, a soothing voiceover, alphabets, numbers, folktales like – Why the Tortoise has a Cracked Shell and more! This book is a must for every Igbo family that wants children to learn Igbo and understand some of our Igbo traditions.

This book is primarily designed for children learning Igbo as a second language. It can also serve as a useful refresher for parents and adults.

  • Helps you create a special bond with your child when reading the book and stories together.
  • Is interactive and engaging for the children as they push buttons and learn from the book
  • Perfect for children at home, children at school or at Igbo learning groups.
  • Alluring illustrations, which helps put the sentences into the right context.
  • Written in an Igbo – English format to help your child start ‘thinking in Igbo’
  • Designed for modern day learning.

By the end of the book, children will know and recognize Igbo alphabets, the history of Igbo masquerades, the importance of kolanut in Igbo culture and so much more!

My Talking Igbo Book is MUST for every Igbo family.

Order you copy today!

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